Let's All Move to Miami!

And a little riff about Substack, my new true love.

MIAMI — America’s business leaders, freed from the office, looked around the country, taking note of its coronavirus lockdowns, taxes and rabble rousers. And many said as if in unison: Miami!

Blackstone Group: Miami!

Elliott Management: Miami!

Silicon Valley venture capitalists: Miami!

And the charming mayor, Francis X. Suarez, a registered Republican, knowing he had an especially easy sell at the moment, said: Welcome.

Today I’ve got a fun frolic around Miami story.

It felt extremely good to be able to get out of the house for a change. And I still can’t believe my actual job involves flying to Miami to find the people who are enjoying life in Miami!

No other major news here. Just chugging along. Writing a lot, a chunk for the NYT but also more now for myself. Writing as me time again. And it’s in a variety of formats long and short, all sparking much joy. In a way, because I’m doing that, it’s actually making the work-work more fun too, because it doesn’t have to be my *WHOLE SELF* every day in every story. It takes the steam out of my kettle.

More broadly on Substack, and this has been said before: As the Overton window of what’s acceptable to report and write within all mainstream media narrows, joy in writing freely has to come at the fringes. It’s why you see so many of the industry’s most interesting writers (my fiancé included!) leaving fancy-sounding jobs for not-fancy-sounding things like Substacks. It’s hard to kill curiosity and free roving minds. It certainly can be done. But at the start, if squashed, that creative energy just squeezes out the sides . . .

To email!

So, enjoy and explore other Substacks. There’s wild and strange things being written here, and the energy and content is becoming more interesting than Twitter, which used to fill a similar role as my time-suck-internet-hobby, but lately is losing its most interesting voices when they realized they were doing all that tweeting for . . . free.

So come to Substack. You’ve got cancelled faves like Alison Roman (we cook her recipes just to be #bad and also because they’re bomb as hell), stubborn technocrats like Matt Yglesias, brilliants who refuse dumb ideological lies like Matt Taibbi and Zeynep Tufekci (when mainstream media carried lies about how no one needed to wear masks or when smug liberals at second homes in Upstate New York were shaming public beach-goers, she pushed back). My Substack.com review: Five stars.

That’s all for now.