Last NYT story for a bit

Hi there devoted No Chill subscribers, First, my last Times story for a little while is this one on small businesses. It’s about how small business owners are leading the battle to recall Gavin Newsom. The Zoom class (myself included of course) can sit comfortably at home tweeting #stayhomesavelives, but the brick-and-mortar small business owners are largely screwed, and there ought to be a little more compassion — or even some basic curiosity — about what’s going on for them. In the obsession with keeping everything on five-alarm virus fire, there’s been a need to downplay the collateral damage. There is also a need to make it seem as though the Zoom class is suffering the most of all (woe be us of the Instacart). It’s just not true. And so here’s a little effort to right that:

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