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Welcome to NO CHILL by me, Nellie Bowles. Correspondent for the New York Times based in the Great State of California

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For those reading this who aren’t my parents: I’m a domestic correspondent for the New York Times based in California. I cut my teeth in Silicon Valley culture writing and more recently have been throwing myself at bigger American culture features, still usually with a focus on business.

This is where I’ll send out my NYT stories and other projects as I write them.

I like talking to people and writing about them, and I let my curiosity guide me. I don’t adhere to the popular ideology that journalists ought to be moral leaders (find a priest for that!) or that I should only cover things that confirm what you already think (a more common notion than you’d think). So I follow my curiosity, and it leads me to interesting places.

Some examples: Puertopia to find the crypto guys; Seattle to explore CHAZ/CHOP and Portland to march with Antifa, then Kenosha to see the damage; San Francisco to take a dopamine fast and drink raw water, to meditate and to hike; to Canada to find Jordan Peterson, and to rural Washington to learn how to survive.

So about twice a month, you’ll get an email with a fun and hopefully surprising story from me.

I’m also working on longer writing projects. This is where you’ll get updates on those as they come, which is probably not for a while because I am both slow and lazy.

Every email will contain no fewer than two pictures of my little mutt Buzz. He enjoys patches of sun, tiny tennis balls, and biting male joggers right on the ankle.